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We will serve as your guide, advisor and plan implementer and then be available each year thereafter to answer questions and review your plan on an annual basis.

For Example: One of our Medicare eligible clients came to us with a serious health condition that required treatment at Mayo Clinic. We advised her to get the supplement insurance plan that will pay for the 15% excess charges assessed by Mayo’s, and a prescription plan with no co-pays for generic medications. These two moves saved her thousands of dollars and she and her husband are extremely grateful.

Thank you so much for helping me through my crisis when my private Medicare Advantage plan was cancelled shortly after my husband died. You saved me at least $2,000 per year in premium by getting me back to Traditional Medicare and telling me about the high deductible Medicare supplement plan I didn’t even know existed. This one move has made a huge difference in my monthly budgeting.

Mrs. MJ

I almost fainted when you told me the amount of my out of pocket cost if I had stayed in my current Medicare prescription plan for 2016. Your expert advice by finding me a new company during the annual change period in November has saved me $51,430.74. My medications will now cost less than $6,000 for the year.

Mr. NJ

I am now realizing the “comfort” of your Medicare consulting and conveying my thanks to you for your very obvious and kindly interest in me. You are for real, and my gratitude is real. Thank you so much.

Mrs. KB

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