Are you sick of the Medicare mailers and sales people pitching you their Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan?

Are you nervous about signing up for Medicare because you aren’t confident you are doing it correctly?

What if there is a better way to make your Medicare decision?

A way that gives you an independent Medicare adviser who:

  • Recommends cost-effective plans for your situation that could save you thousands of dollars?
  • Provides a clear understanding of costs relating to your future health expenses so you can plan for retirement?
  • Helps you decide whether to stay on an employer health insurance plan or join Medicare?
  • Completes all of your Medicare paperwork and enrollment?
  • Is a real person with a direct phone number you can call to get answers to your Medicare questions?
  • Looks over your shoulder to guide you along the way so you don’t make a costly mistake you later regret?

With the Medicare Coach Program you get all of this and more.


Making your Medicare decision on your own may require you to:

  • Go to the Social Security office to sign up for Medicare, and find they only complete a small portion of your Medicare package. And when you dial their 1-800 number to ask a simple question, you may wait on hold for more than an hour.
  • Talk with a Medicare sales person who may not have your best interest in mind.
  • Check other sources to see if you are getting the truth and find you don’t know who to trust.

There’s a much better way!

the Medicare Coach program provides independent advice and peace of mind to thousands of people joining Medicare.

To get started with the Medicare Coach CLICK HERE to join my free online Medicare Made Easy Workshop. In the workshop I will show you my 5-step Medicare decision process that helps you confidently make your Medicare decision and ensures you don’t fall into costly traps you later regret.