This is the website for our firm, Keating & Associates. As members of The Medicare Coach™ program, all of the Keating & Associates services are available to you.
You can apply for Medicare on line at age 64 and 9months if you are not drawing Social Security. This site will guide you through the process.
The Medicare website is your best place to go to learn about costs, what Medicare covers, claims and appeals, and much more.
If you did not join the Part D prescription program when first eligible at age 65 because you remained on a group medical plan, you will need to ask your group medical provider to give you a Creditable Coverage letter each year until you decide to enter Medicare.  This letter is important to save so it can be presented when you do join Part D in order to avoid any penalties.  Creditable coverage means your group prescription plan is as good or better than what you can get through Medicare.  If your group plan is not Creditable, you will need to make sure you are enrolled in Part A, and then purchase a Part D private plan even though you are remaining on your group plan after age 65.
It’s important to create your own Social Security account to check your benefit and payment information and your earnings record.  These reports are no longer mailed to you.  This site will allow you to get estimates of your retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, and the estimated Social Security and Medicare taxes you’ve paid.  This will become your on line private account with security codes only known to you to protect your privacy.
The National Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare is an advocacy group that provides updated information on proposed changes in Congress affecting Social Security and Medicare.
The Medicare Rights Center has information to help Medicare beneficiaries with questions, free newsletters and other online resources.

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