Medicare Supplement and Prescription insurance is presented to seniors using a product approach. Whether it’s a sign up booth in a retail location- T.V advertising or direct mail appeals…. all- advertisers want you to buy their mouse trap. This creates immediate confusion because you don’t know which product to choose- cost comparisons- or why one product is better than another.

We do things differently! You receive our advice along with a road map on how to proceed. The process starts with a confidential survey to determine if you have any special medical needs [prior to entering Medicare.] Once it’s returned- we discuss how Medicare works and outline the features you should look for in a plan- including any hidden costs you might not know about like -excess charges.

We provide an overview of the best plans offered… and while we make recommendations… we let you decide which one to choose. Your decision is ultimately based on facts and not on an emotional product sales pitch.

Once you decide on a plan we can help you work through the entire process which includes filling out and submitting applications and enrolling you in any of the Part D prescription plans offered in your area.

Our process approach is a new idea to change the way Medicare is presented to seniors nationwide. You are in control…. and we are your navigator to make sure you are heading in the right direction along the way. It’s a simple solution to avoid the Medicare Confusion Blues.