There are many resources for Medicare information.  I want to share a few of the resources that I have found the most helpful, accurate and trustworthy to help you get the best information when it comes to your Medicare decision.

This page will continued to be updated based on updates in Medicare and questions you and other clients have about their Medicare and health care.

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Doctor’s Corner

Don McCanne, MD

Dr. Don R. McCanne, MD practiced family medicine in San Clemente, California for more than three decades. He served as chief of staff of San Clemente hospital and retired from practice to become a full time volunteer in the health care reform movement.

He has served two terms as national president of Physicians for a National Health Program, and currently serves as their senior health policy fellow.  He writes a daily column commenting on the health policy implications of current press articles and reports from the  policy literature.

Your Medicare Coach, Larry Weigel continues to receive Dr. McCanne’s daily column “Quote of the Day” and will update our website readers on important issues regarding health care from the perspective of nationally known medical doctors like Dr. McCanne and other medical researchers who often get overlooked by the press in what they have to say about the future of America’s healthcare system

Physicians for a National Health Program is a nonpartisan educational organization. It neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate for public office.

Medical Economics: Obamacare receives a big, fat ‘F’ from physicians

July 25, 2016

Dr. McCann takes a look at the recent report grading Obamacare and sheds light on why it’s receiving such low marks and how it can be improved.

Republican and Democratic platforms on health care

July 19, 2016

With the Republicans and Democrats announcing their future plans for healthcare, read Dr. McCann’s perspective on what the future may really look like

President Obama on progress and the future of health care reform

July 12, 2016

Dr. McCanne points out the flaws of Obamacare and lack of sustainability for long term health care reform in addition to verifying the fact Congress provides unfair additional funding and allows no competition for Medicare Advantage plans when compared to the lower cost of Original Medicare

Private Medicare Advantage plans open themselves to fee gouging by dialysis centers

July 5, 2016

Dr. McCann points on why Medicare Advantage is challenged as a profit driven scheme that is costing tax payers significantly more money. And why a single payer system could close gaps saving Americans significant amounts of money


Anthem and Express Scripts legal battle exemplifies our dysfunctional financing system

July 1, 2016

Pharmaceutical companies, insurers and pharmacy benefit managers each conspire, with each other and independently, to get the most money that prescription drug market dynamics will allow. Health care funds pour into these industries, and patients end up the losers.  As Open Enrollment draws near, it’s important to understand how this works.

Jack Bernard explains Medicare for All to his fellow Republicans (and Democrats!)

June 28, 2016

“The original intent of the architects of Medicare was to eventually expand the program to cover everyone. Yet the Republicans have been reluctant to do so, and now the Democrats have specifically excluded it from their party platform. The leadership of both parties need to listen to conservative Republican Jack Bernard, an expert in our health care system. His full article is available at the link above.”

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Medicare Preventive Care

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Medicare Advantage grows, but provider choice is limited

Medicare enrollees are moving in greater numbers than ever to the program’s managed care option as a way to save money. But the tradeoff is much less ability to use their preferred doctors and hospitals.